Uniquely Original Artwork

​​​Jillian  Nicole  Boivin

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     The ultimate goal with my work is to create joyous, original, affordable art that becomes part of one’s home. As always, the subject matter of my work continues to reflect the coastal environment where I live and work. But I’m also exploring other nature motifs, most currently foliage imagery and patterns in nature.

    I express these themes and subject matters in the form of mixed-media paintings. My collage materials are re-purposed items, including fabric, buttons, beads and other found objects. I love working with re-purposed material because it gives the item a second life, and adds a unique quality to my painting that can never be replicated. Each piece is truly one of a kind. The layering of materials creates an obvious tactile quality, which records my personal involvement with the piece.

    I developed my unique technique with acrylic paints while studying at UNCW. My process involves mixing acrylic paints and mediums in squeeze bottles, and then using these squeeze bottles as drawing implements to “sketch” my patterns and designs. More recently, I use this process in outlining my fabric shapes and adding detail to my mixed-media works.

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